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Where did tattoos originally come from?

Tattoo Shop in Singapore
Tattoo Shop in Singapore

Getting a tattoo has become a norm in today’s world. You and I know how the urge of getting a tattoo feels like, and it will be good to know a little background of the tattoo style you intend to get as well as diving deeper into the history of it before approaching your desired tattoo artist. With some background knowledge, you can see how tattoos have evolved along with time and how the trends behind tattoos changed throughout history.

When did tattoos come to the world?

Tattoos came into this world thousands of years ago. Lots of evidence are available to showcase that tattoos have been an ancient form of art. For example, archeologists have been able to discover tattoos in the mummified skins in Egypt. These tattoos were used between 3400BC and 3100BC.

The oldest mummy found in Europe is named Otzi, the Iceman. This mummy was discovered in Otzal Alps. This is a naturally mummified body. The body has a total number of 61 different tattoos. These tattoos are spread throughout the entire body. There are ink inscriptions found near the legs of the mummy. It was later identified that fireplace ash has been used by people who lived back in the days to get their tattoos.

Likewise, mummies with tattoos have been discovered from 49 different locations around the world. Based on that, we can say that the concept of getting a tattoo has been quite popular among people.

Tattoo practices back in the day.

As are planning to get a tattoo in Singapore or in any tattoo studio across the globe, it is worthy to take a look at the tattoo practices followed by people who lived back in ancient times as well.

Tattoos that people got back in the day were able to cater to numerous preferences. For example, some of the civilizations got tattoos as a unique way to identify themselves from others. On the other hand, certain groups of people believed that tattoos and tattoo designs will be able to help them with securing overall wellbeing while eliminating demons.

Tattooing has been quite popular in ancient China. Mummies are discovered to prove the existence of tattoos in ancient China, which date back all the way to 2100BC. According to ancient Chinese literature, bandits and heroes had tattoos in the body. On the other hand, criminals were also branded with tattoos. However, these tattoos were placed on the faces of criminals to clearly identify them. People inspected these tattoos to determine who they can trust and who they cannot trust.

As mentioned earlier, lots of mummies with tattoos have been discovered from ancient Egypt. They date all the way back to 2000 BC. Some of the archeologists say that these tattoos were given to the mummies during the mummification process to decorate them. However, some evidence has been discovered to showcase how people in ancient Egypt used tattoos as a medical treatment as well. More tattoos have been found in the mummies of women.

Tattooing is a part of Samoan Culture. People in Samoa have lived along with tattoos for thousands of years. When you take a look at the history of tattooing in Samoa, you will be able to uncover lots of information about tattoos that people back in the day got. In fact, it is believed that the word “tattoo” was originated from a Samoan word, “tatau”. These tattoos inspired most prominent tattoo ideas that you can find out there as of now. If you are looking for custom tattoos, you should consider taking a look at them.

People who live in Samoa nowadays still prefer to use the traditional process of getting a tattoo. This is one of the skills that is being passed from one generation to another. The new generation prefers to stick to the traditional method of getting a tattoo, no matter how the technology has developed. They have a unique handmade device, which is being used to get tattoos. However, it takes a considerable amount of time for people to get a tattoo as well.

Upon getting a tattoo, people in Samoa tend to celebrate the dedication that they have towards the culture. This practice is evolved from the past. You can visit a tattoo shop and get a Samoan-inspired tattoo as well.

According to written records, evidence is available to prove the existence of tattoos in ancient Rome and ancient Greece as well. The tattoo culture you can find in ancient Rome and ancient Greece date all the way back to the 5th Century BC. The main reason why people got tattoos was to outcast themselves from the rest of the world. In fact, slaves, prisoners of war, and criminals were branded with a unique tattoo, which people could use to clearly identify them. For example, Athenians went ahead and tattooed Simians after the war victory.

Likewise, people have used tattoos in many other instances. Tattoos were quite popular among soldiers of ancient Rome. Tattoo women were often seen during this time period as well. Almost all the soldiers had the habit of getting tattoos on their arms. They believed that tattoos will be able to provide them with good luck while they were fighting against enemies on the battlefields.

Getting your Tattoo.

All these historical tattoo cultures have contributed towards the modernized tattoo culture and practices that see and experience today. While keeping these in mind, refer to this article if you would like to know what should you expect for your first tattoo.

American Traditional Eagle and Snake Tattoo Shop in Singapore
American Traditional Tattoo, Eagle and Snake Tattoo

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