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Best Tattoo Studios in Singapore

Singapore's tattoo scene: Where to get tattooed?

Are you looking for a tattoo studio in Singapore that can turn your ink dreams into a stunning reality? Look no further! Singapore's tattoo scene is flourishing, with talented artists, diverse styles, and world-class studios waiting to cater to your tattoo needs.

Why Singapore for Tattoos?

Singapore has become a hub for creativity and self-expression in recent years, and the tattoo industry is no exception. Here's why getting inked in Singapore is a fantastic choice:

1. Diverse Tattoo Styles: Whether you're into traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, black and gray, watercolor, or any other style, you'll find an artist in Singapore who specializes in it.

2. Quality and Safety: Singapore is known for its strict hygiene and safety standards. Tattoo studios here adhere to the highest health regulations, ensuring a safe and clean environment for your tattoo experience.

3. Experienced Artists: The tattoo artists in Singapore are renowned for their skills and experience. Many have trained and worked internationally, making them well-versed in different tattoo styles and techniques.

4. Vibrant Art Scene: Singapore's thriving art scene provides tattoo artists with inspiration and a platform for continuous growth, which is reflected in their work.

5. Unique Cultural Influences: Singapore's cultural diversity is a melting pot of ideas, traditions, and stories, making it a prime destination for tattoo enthusiasts looking for unique and culturally inspired designs.

Tattoo Studios in Singapore

Now that you know why Singapore is the place to be for your next tattoo, let's explore some of the top tattoo studios in the city:

1. Paper Plane Ink ( This studio is renowned for its creativity and precision. Located on the East side of Singapore, offers an American traditional influenced tattoo style and visits are only by appointment. Paper Plane Ink is a must-visit for tattoo aficionados.

flash tattoo in Singapore
Broken heart tattoo in Singapore

2. Lovesick Tattoo Studio: Located at Singapore Boat Quay, Lovesick Tattoo Studio offers a wide range of services from custom designs to classic pieces, and all services are completed with precision and safety protocols in place to ensure satisfaction. The founder, a black and grey specialist, recently graced the stage of Singapore Ink Show 2023 as a judge for the tattoo competition.

realism tattoo
realism tattoo

3. Fingers Crossed Studio: Contemporary tattoos, chill vibes and slow living aesthetics.

ornaments tattoo
dot style tattoo

4. Visual Orgasm Tattoo: Specializing in intricate and detailed work, Visual Orgasm Tattoo opened its doors in 2005, and is a haven for those seeking custom designs and masterful craftsmanship for realism tattoo.

visual orgasm tattoo
visual orgasm tattoo

5. Vagabond Ink: With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of tattoo art, Vagabond Ink is the place to go for those looking for unique and edgy designs. They have artists who create black and grey realism and illustrative art tattoos.

Vagabond Ink, illustration tattoo
Vagabond Ink, illustration tattoo

6. Skin Label Tattoo: The founder, Sam, creates stunning realistic tattoos in Black and grey as well as coloured. To top it all, Sam was crowned with a total of 7 titles in Singapore Ink Show 2018.

Skin label tattoo, singapore
Skin label tattoo, Singapore

7. Odd Tattooer: At Chester's private studio, he experimented with Oriental pieces and Neo-Traditional ink. However, in recent years, Chester shot to fame with his massive blackout work, taking it to a higher level of artistry, with bold clean lines, mesmerising patterns with even coverage and stunning framing.

Odd tattooer, blackout tattoo singapore
Odd tattooer, blackout tattoo singapore

8. Ttwins Tattoo by Mandala Tattoo & Piercing: Operating since 2001, the twin sisters specialised in freehand mandala tattoo designs.

ttwins tattoo, mandala tattoo singapore
tricep tattoo, Singapore

9. Donald crafts large-scale Traditional Japanese tattoos with intricate details.

traditional japanese tattoo
Japanese tattoo

Booking Your Tattoo Appointment

Before getting your tattoo, it's crucial to book an appointment in advance. Tattoo artists in Singapore are often in high demand, so planning ahead is essential. Many studios allow you to consult with the artist before your appointment to discuss your design and expectations.


Singapore is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to get a tattoo and makes a great souvenir especially if you're on a holiday! With its diverse tattoo styles, experienced artists, strict safety standards, and a thriving art scene, you can trust that your ink journey in Singapore will be a memorable one. Do share your experiences and recommendations below and don't forget to check out Paper Plane Ink for your next tattoo masterpiece!

Remember, getting a tattoo is a personal decision, and it's important to choose a design and artist that resonate with you. When you're ready, the tattoo studios in Singapore are waiting to turn your tattoo dreams into reality.

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