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So far the best tattoo experience

Got my first (neo) trad style tattoo over the weekend. During break, we discussed stories about our tattoos, which I really enjoyed. Knowing that the artist is really interested in your story is def a +++++!!!

And the best part? The polaroid and sticker freebies.

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Alycia Lim

Solid guy dude, I can't tell you how much I love my new ink!!!!

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After getting feedback and reviews from a friend and enquiring other tattoo studios/artists, finally decided to get my first tattoo from KJ! :)

KJ got back to me pretty quickly after my enquiry via email. He was prompt with his answers and communication was great throughout.

His little studio was comfortable, decent and clean (and air-conditioned), which helps a lot with sitting through the entire session.

My tattoo took about 5-6 hours to complete, and he offered to get lunch for me, really appreciate it!

KJ's a passionate and genuine artist. I'm really glad that I did my first piece with him. Definitely would recommend getting tattoos from him!

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James Quah

Chanced upon Paper Plane Ink by chance, Saw that the portfolio looked good.


I got my first tattoo here. And I'm glad that I did it with KJ.

It was easy to reach out (via WhatsApp) and discuss what I wanted. I got a slot to do it easily, and he was patient and slowly drew out what I envisaged. He advised me appropriately, yet still left me to decide on the details, giving me various options and different designs.

The process itself was good (it was my first one anyway). The outcome was really good too. My friends and family think it's nice. Cos it's on my shoulder blades, I actually don't see much of it.

As a first timer to this, I am glad KJ guided me through this. Also, we had a pleasant conversation through the whole process.

If I'm going to get my second one (I think maybe), I will certainly go back to him.

Oh yes, and his website actually does describe a lot of things and give a lot of information as well.

Jennifer Chua

I've had most of my tatts done by ladies, so I wasn't expecting him to be so gentle/accommodating, but he turned out to be a super chill and sweet guy. I was quite demanding + fickle minded (tattoo artists' worst nightmare) but he obliged me my 156153726 requests (i.e., making changes to the final piece, turning on the fan though there's already AC, visiting the toilet about 300 times). Every now and then he would check in on me, and asked if I needed a break. He made sure I was 100% comfortable and for sure I was, minus the pain la. Whenever he was about to go heavy on his strokes, especially the outlines, he would pre-empt my by gently dabbing a few times before slicing on my skin. This gives me enough time to react and brace for the upcoming pain.

6hrs later, we both got restless, and he offered me a bar of chocolate. I asked if I could replace  the chocolate with coffee, and he said yes with no display of annoyance. He went straight to the kitchen to make coffee, and it felt like family. When we finally finished after 10 hours, we were both exhausted. He quickly wrapped up and gave me a Polaroid (love it!). It was a long day, I wanted to get home ASAP, so I asked if I could transfer the $ later when I'm on the Grab. He trusted me enough to say yes. I could have ran away right hahaha. So yeap this sums up my unforgettable experience at @PaperPlane.Ink!

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Aaron Ng

1. Studio is located in the east, pretty easy to locate. Clean and neat with air-con.

2. The tattooist will double confirm, with you on the exact spot where you want your tattoo to be inked. There's a big mirror in the studio where you will be able to take a good look before it gets inked.

3. Throughout the session, songs will be played to soothe your tension. Of course, you are allowed to play with your mobile phone or listen to your own music. Just don't distract your tattooist, and he will ensure that you are in good condition throughout by checking on you every now and then.

4. At the end of the session, ointment will be applied onto the inked area and stick on with a transparent film dressing aka plaster to protect the wound.

5. Polaroid photo of the inked area will be taken, and you will be given to keep it as a souvenir!


Sounds cool? Get in touch with them if you're interested to get inked!


Wonderful experience! The artist was detailed and dedicated to their work, the piece I got turned out amazing, and I received many compliments for it. I believe the pricing is affordable and reasonable. The artist was friendly as well and patiently explained the aftercare process!

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Alayna Yeo

Comfortable environment and professional service.

Jeanette Zara

Got my first and second tattoo there and definitely going back for another. Very professional and made the whole experience a good one. Would highly recommend 10/10 :)

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Friendly artist and good experience! The artist have a clear focus on the style they are into and contribute to give back to the community. I've gotten more than one ink done with Paper Plane Ink, and they are all very pleasant experience :)

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Maise Loy

The artist was friendly and professional which made the experience pleasant :) Overall, had a great time and would come back if I was looking for another neo-trad.

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Rayson Leong

Friendly and engaging tattoo artist. A definite recommendation.

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Elina Sani

This is my first time getting a tattoo on my calf. They made me feel so comfortable that makes me wanna come back in the future!! Thank you so much for the amazing service and awesome art.

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Taylor Shadows

Hard to find such a professional and friendly artist.

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Donovan Lin

Might not be the most convenient of locations, but great service and attitude from artist to ensure his customers feel comfortable. 100% support.


Paper Plane Ink Singapore

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