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What should I expect for the first tattoo?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Are you planning to get your first tattoo and do you know what you can expect from your first tattoo? Tattoos have great stories behind, and it is also an excellent way to decorate your body with pride to stand out from the crowd.

Tattoos are a form of expression, and there are plenty of tattoos designs and tattoo styles that allow you to show your culture, fashion, thoughts, emotions, and much more.

Since our tattoo studio is based in Singapore, let us share with you in detail what to expect if you are getting a tattoo in Singapore; please stay on this page with me.

What should you expect from the first tattoo? First of all, let us be honest with you. Your first tattoo will hurt, and it will still hurt just as much on your subsequent tattoo sessions but it will all be worthwhile once you witnessed the final product! Do note that your aftercare tattoo routine is just as important so do refer to our tattoo aftercare guide 'here' if necessary.

Secondly, there are many factors to consider for your first tattoo and that includes how concrete is the tattoo ideas that you have, tattoo design, tattoo style, the appropriate tattoo artist for your choice of tattoo style, tattoo placement, size of your tattoo, cost of the tattoo, the significance of your tattoo, will you regret this tattoo in the future, will the tattoo affect your current or future career, and the list goes on.

Thirdly, we recommend you seek clearance with your doctor if you have any existing medical conditions, and highlight them to your tattoo artist so they will know how to advise you accordingly. The tattoo artists in Singapore are generally warm and friendly so do communicate with them and allow them to address your concerns with their professional inputs.

In order to have a pleasant experience for your very first tattoo, we encourage you to get your first tattoo from a professional rather than someone new; there are many tattoo shops in Singapore, so do take your time to select one that you have an affinity with.

What does tattoo pain feels like?

When getting tattooed, the process involves getting repeatedly pierced on the top layer of your skin by needles, so generally, it will hurt but the severity of the pain varies from person to person as well as the placement of the tattoo.

For some people, it will hurt a lot but still manageable if the duration is not too long, while others can easily manage the pain. And from our personal experience, the pain is less intensive as compared to what we imagined all these while prior to our very first tattoo experience.

Generally speaking, you will experience more pain at the start, but after a couple of minutes, your body starts adjusting to the pain, and you will soon realize that it's manageable until your body's adrenaline depletes.

Some people shared that getting a tattoo feels like a pricking sensation, while others feel it like a bee stings or hard scratches.

What are the least painful and most painful spots for getting your first tattoo?

This is just a rough guide as everyone feels pain differently.

Least painful spots

We recommend you consider the following least painful spots when getting your first tattoo in Singapore. Your upper outer thigh, outer shoulders, forearm, calves, outer biceps, upper back, and lower back are the areas where you will probably feel lesser pain.

Most painful areas

Do consider these areas if you're more adventurous when you're getting your first tattoo. The areas include the neck, forehead, ribs, spines, top of your feet, ankles, shins, fingers, behind the knees, kneecaps, elbows, groin, nipples, breasts, armpits, hips, stomach, sternum, inner biceps, and hands.

Final Thoughts

When getting your first tattoo in Singapore, consider reading the reviews and check out the artist's work for each potential tattoo shop you find. Do not rush into getting inked as your body is precious and irreplaceable. When you're ready, reach out to your desired tattoo artist or tattoo studio to check on their upcoming appointment availability and understand the tattoo aftercare practices before getting tattooed.

Do remember that you're investing in your own well-being with a piece of art by your tattoo artist, and knowing tattoo etiquette will help contribute to a pleasant first tattoo experience for everyone.

Stay safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Paper Plane Ink

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